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Wish Guitar Kit Part 1

Well, I have seen videos on YouTube by several different people who bought guitar kits from Ebay, TomTop, Fretwire and others and did an unboxing/build video. I still have not seen anyone do a video on a guitar kit from WISH so, I thought I would try one. Now, I am not doing a video right now because I simply do not know how to edit one to make it look good. Instead I decided to take pictures and do some blog posts about the build. I will do 2 videos of me playing the guitar and possibly reviewing it in its 2 build stages.

Explanation of what I am doing with this WISH guitar kit:

I am going to post some pictures of the unboxing of the kit so you can see how it looks when I got it. Next, I will post pictures of the first build. The first build I am going to put the guitar together right out of the box. I am not going to adjust, modify, or change anything from how all the parts are as I received them. I am doing this so we can see how the quality of this kit might be from the factory. I will use only the parts provided in the kit including the strings. I will not put any finish on the guitar so you can see exactly how the kit is. I will post a video of me playing it in this form and I will try to review it as well.

Then, I will take the guitar a part and make it how I would like it. I will upgrade anything I feel that needs to be upgraded but, my intention is to use as much of the factory parts as I can in an effort to show how the guitar can come out with just a little work to it. I think this could speak to the over all quality of the kit itself. I will post another video of me playing the guitar in this form and give comments on it.

Now, I might do a third version of this guitar fully tricked out and customized. This will really depend on how the 2nd stage goes. If the kit is crap, then I am not going to waste time or money fully customizing it. I guess we all will see how things go. So, stay tuned!

As I said, the pictures posted in this post are the unboxing of this kit. Initial impression of things: I am pretty surprised on how decent the body and the neck are. There is a lot of glue left everywhere but, the mahogany seems to be good quality, The maple top on this is a veneer, which was to be expected. At this point I am hopeful that this could turn out to be a decent guitar without having to put too much work into it. We will see as things move along.

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