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Maiden Run For "Bullit"

I took my new guitar "Bullit" out for its maiden run Sunday morning. I play lead guitar at my church, St. Andrew's Community United Methodist Church here in Oklahoma. I could not be happier with how good is sounds and how well it plays. First, it is called "bullit" because the dark green paint I used is the same used on the Ford Mustang Bullits. The pickups I used are the Wilkinson M Series pickups. They have a very "PAF" sound to them. Great clarity with a well balanced tonal spectrum. I also made them coil tapped with the push/pull tone pot. The guitar has a flame maple top and a basswood body. I made the body a little thicker than traditionally used because I wanted to give the guitar more mass for sustain and tone and man, did it work. This is the first guitar I have used Guyker tuners as well. They have a great look to them and seem to hold tuning very well.

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